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What is Premier Medical Alliance?

Premier Medical Alliance is the umbrella organization to Bergen Gastroenterology and Bergen Medical Associates which will spearhead its multi-specialty expansion. It allows successful practices to work together to provide enhanced patient care, better relationships with insurance companies, have greater buying power of resources, and deliver improved quality solutions for the complexities of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Both Bergen Gastroenterology and Bergen Medical Associates will remain as their own entities with its multiple locations. Other practices that continue to join Premier Medical Alliance (PMA) will remain as their own entities as well.

This new venture allows for the expansion of healthcare professionals and provides better continuity of care for our patients.

Our practices; Bergen Medical Associates and Bergen Gastroenterology, will carry on as is so our patients will continue to recognize the brands we have built over the past few decades. The same will be true for our PMA partner practices. They will continue to be known by their existing practice name.

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