As a result of the current healthcare landscape, Premier Medical Alliance was formed to enable practices and physicians to continue delivering high quality of care to their patients while staying independent.

PMA allows independent practices to band and work together, enabling them to take advantage of group resources and infrastructure, negotiating power with insurance companies, improved purchasing contracts to afford savings in all areas, whilst retaining autonomy to keep one's identity. PMA also allows for the sustainability of the personalized healthcare concept, more integration amongst providers, and consolidation of referrals.

Bergen Gastroenterology was founded in 1986. In 1991, Dr. Eric Avezzano joined the group and significantly expanded the personalized gastroenterology practice, serving thousands of patients in Bergen County. A few years later, Bergen Medical Associates – the internal medicine/specialty care provider and sister company to Bergen Gastroenterology was formed, growing the platform of physicians, services and locations that were in high patient demand. Twenty-three years later, Premier Medical Alliance has been launched, to further the expansion of healthcare professionals under one umbrella and provide better continuity of care for our patients while combining resources amongst partner practices.